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Radon is everywhere indoor and outdoor with the higher levels being found indoor where radon is more concentrated and takes longer to break down. Radon is a radioactive gas that is caused by the decay of uranium in the soil. Radon gas is a colorless, odorless, and invisible gas that can only be detected by radon testing. Radon can penetrate most common building materials and is fairly soluble in water. Exposure to radon is most common through ingestion and inhalation, with inhalation being the largest threat to your health. Radon Removal Awareness has grown exponentially over the past 10 years and is only becoming a more common issue nationwide. Radon Gas and Radon awareness are imperative to the health and future of you and your loved ones.


Naturally occurring radioactive substances are frequently found in ground water in New Jersey and Pennsylvania They are present at least to some extent in almost all rocks and soils. Radioactivity in drinking water is not a new phenomenon, having been present to some extent since the earth was formed. Despite this history, uranium in drinking water above the standard may be harmful to your health. Radionuclide testing of public drinking water systems has been required since the 1970's, however, uranium testing has not been required until recently. Concentrations of uranium in drinking water above the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) over a long period of time is believed to cause kidney damage and to increase one’s lifetime risk of developing certain types of cancer. Therefore, this homeowner's guide was developed to provide important information for homeowners who are interested in testing their private drinking water wells for radioactivity and reducing their exposure. Geologically, high levels of uranium in drinking water are most likely to be found in the Highlands

Province and neighboring regions of North Jersey.
It is also possible for radium and radon in water to be found in this area. The Highlands Province lies within the southeastern portions of Sussex and Warren Counties, as well as major portions of Hunterdon, Morris and Passaic and small parts of Bergen and Somerset. In Pennsylvania this region is called the Reading Prong while in New York, it is called the Hudson Highlands.

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Radon testing is the only true way to find out if you have a radon gas issue in your home or business. You can find radon test kits  through several organizations or even local hardware stores. By administering a radon test you can find out your current radon levels during your test. By purchasing a test  you can monitor your indoor radon levels throughout the year. Radon is a volatile gas and the amount of radon entering your home is effected by the season and it always changes. Testing or monitoring your indoor radon levels is very important for you, your family, and your friends